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The Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP)

What Do You Need To Know?

Alaska Temporary Assistance Program is one of the beneficial programs, which financially helps those families who are poor, needy.

Aim of this program

The main aim and sole purpose of this program are to provide financial help through the cash, especially for those families whose income is lower than poor ratio frame by the government.

These types of people can’t help their family, can’t give them proper food, and can’t provide the proper medication in case of any disease. Even their needs do not meet completely. So, this beneficial program is especially for these people or for any disabled person.


However, the main purpose of this program is to make them self-sufficient, so they can meet their basic needs which are their right.

This great program is administered by the Federal Temporary Assistance Program Block Grant for Needy Families. This program changed the focus from the State’s Public Assistance program just for the poor families and makes them focus on employment for their need.

Are You Eligible?

Following are the people who are highly eligible for this beneficial program

  • A child whose age is under 19 years
  • Pregnant Women
  • Legal alien
  • Permanent Resident

For this Alaska program, the family must have less than $2000 in the estimable resources or if the individual person of a family who is more than 60 or 60 and whose income is $3000, vehicles, personal property, household goods, family’s home is not countable in resources.

Those who want to receive this Alaska Temporary Assistance program then the countable income of the family must have less than this program income limit. If an adult member of the family doing any work or any job then his/her income is ignored and the income of adult members decreases in the period of five years.


Support Services of Alaska Temporary Assistance program

Those families who are going for a job need different types of services like find the best job and keep this job for success. Different services are available to help the families included clothing, cost of transportation, driver license, special tools, personal stuff, different kinds of stuff for the job, clothes for an interview and many more. The other programs like training for the job programs for the wage supplementation are also available.

Requirements for Alaska Temporary Assistance Program

The Applicant for this program should be the permanent citizen of the Alaska state either he or she is a citizen of U.S, US Nationality, permanent resident. The under-employed person, employed or unemployed are included.

How To Apply?


If the candidate is qualified for this program and meets all the requirements of this beneficial program, then the next step is to fill the application form that is given by the local service provider.

You have to answer all the questions carefully given in the application form. To schedule an interview you have to call your local Public Assistance District office.

For Further Information

For the other information go to the official website of Alaska Temporary Assistance and if you want to ask any question or need more details about this program then

Call 907-465-3347



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