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Alaska Summer Food Service

What Do You Need To Know?

In all over the world, many children and teenagers are not able to buy and take sufficient proper diet. Healthy proper diet plays a vital role in physical and mental growth and it is very important for children and teenagers.

If children and teenagers are not taken proper diet then are likely prey to many diseases like anemia, stunt growth, fatigue, and deficiency of vitamins and essential minerals. Without a proper diet, no one is active and do not perform their daily task actively. If a youth is not active than how they made their future bright and play a leading role in the development of the country.

For every country, their youngsters are very important because they are the future and investment of their nation and country. So it is also a responsibility of the state to take care of their poor children and teenagers. By keeping in view this point, the US government starts a special program Alaska Summer Food Service program.

Alaska Summer Food Service is a federally-funded program. This special program provides free off cost nutritious food to the children and teenagers of the low-income family who are not capable to bring nutritious diet to their young ones during the summer vacations month when the school is off.


Alaska Summer Food Service program provides a meal to needy children and teenagers. This program is located in churches, daycare center, kindergarten homes, schools, educational campus, and institutes or playgrounds to offer food to every eligible child.

The sponsored of this program are compensated for the number of meal they provide to an eligible child. Alaska Special Summer Food Service has a high rate of compensation than other Child Nutritional Program.

Are You Eligible?

That is why it is the most underutilized federally supported program. Fifty-two percent (52%) of Alaska’s children are eligible for this program and they are also getting a free healthful meal on the behalf of Alaska Special Summer Food Service.

And only on one child out of eleven children who are part of the National School Lunch Program is also a part of Alaska Summer Food Service. The Alaska Special Summer Food Program helps as a key in satiating the unbearable hunger of needy children and teenagers.


Alaska Special Summer Food Service Program also offers free (without any cost) or reduced rate of meal service during the regular school session season.

In order to qualify, there is a certain annual household income level for the applicant families.

Household Size Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 28860
2 39091
3 49321
4 59552
5 69782
6 80013
7 90243
8 100474


Aims and Objective

The objective of the Alaska Special Summer Foodservice is that every child either rich or poor is like a brick in the building of the future. Every child has an equal right to taking good food and getting a good education.


Sponsored Training

The Alaska Special Summer Foodservice program holds a training camp or session in which all the honorable sponsored have to ensure their 100% presence. In this session, all the managing staff and site crew get special training.

The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development, Alaska Child Nutrition Programs offer Alaska Summer Food Service Program training in every spring. Upcoming new sponsored and other regular sponsored will be called finally per year. Training dates have been announced and after that training has been started via Anchorage or teleconference.

Notification for the public

The Alaska Child Nutrition Department and the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development inform the US Department of Agriculture Food and Nutritional Service to submit the waiver requests.


For Further Information

For more information visit the official website of the Alaska Special Summer Food Service Program. The applicant may visit the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development,

Phone: (097) 465- 2800

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