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Alabama Weatherization Assistance Program

What You Need To Know

Alabama has set up a program for low-income families that revolves around their heating and cooling expenses. This program is known as the Weatherization Program which aims to improve energy saving as well as encourage self-sufficiency. Focusing on these aspects allows the families to divert their money on other important aspects. The program has a specific eligibility criterion in which the income of the applicant is considered. In Alabama, it is important that this income goes not exceed 150 percent of the poverty level. The qualified individual is provided with various kinds of assistance that prove beneficial for them. Among these, the program takes care of:

  • Installation of insulation
  • Replacement or repairmen of windows and doors
  • Sealing of air leaks
  • Patching small areas of the roof
  • Under-skirting

The Alabama Weatherization Assistance Program has been administered by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA). This is done through the help of Community Action Agencies which can be found all over the state. All 67 states are catered to and the residents are helped out through the help of the 15 Weatherization Programs. Their applications help to determine which of these fifteen can prove most helpful to them. The aim of this program is to make sure that the most deserving residents of the state are provided for. This means that it gives priority to the elderly, disabled and low-income families with small children.

This benefit program aims to ensure that the residence of the applicant is habitable. It makes the house a more comfortable place to live in which helps to avoid any health or safety hazards. It has contributed to this goal by providing for 6.2 million homes. Weatherization also contributes to energy saving which is evident through the 23% reduction in primary heating fuel use.

The eligible family is able to save an estimated amount of $350. This can be used by them for other purposes. Moreover, the Alabama Weatherization Program is successful in creating non-energy benefits as well. This includes environmental effects such as the reduction of pollution.

Are You Eligible?


The program requirements are made up of certain basic factors as well as more specific details. It is important to keep in mind that the applicant for this program must be a resident of Alabama. Considering that this program has been set up for low-income families, the earnings of a household are looked into. The amount before any tax deductions must either be less than or equal to the mentioned figures.

Size Of The Household Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 24,980
2 33,820
3 42,660
4 51,500
5 60,340
6 69,180
7 78,020
8 86,860

In case the household consists of more than eight members, an additional amount is considered. This is approximately 8,840 for each extra person. In order to ensure that the most recent and accurate guidelines are being followed, contact with managing agency is advised.

Automatic eligibility of the weatherization services is provided to certain families. These include those families that are a part of:

  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Aid to Families with Dependent Children

How To Apply?

Interested individuals should get in contact with their closest agency. They can easily contact the appropriate one through the help of Agencies Administering Alabama’s LIWAP page. To make sure the service is available to a large audience, call numbers are also available. You can either contact the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs at 334-242-5373 or the Community Action Association of Alabama at 205-323-6674.

There is certain information required from the applicant besides the completed application. The person must make sure that they provide the following documents or data as well:

  • Proof of income
  • Social security award letter/ bank statement
  • Check stub
  • Social security number – This is a requirement from all the members of the family.
  • Proof of homeownership. An example of this can be a deed, mortgage payment, property tax.
  • Proof of rental through documents like the landlord statement for verification.
  • Valid Identification in the form of an ID card or driver’s license
  • A copy of the recent utility bill

This information helps to determine whether you are eligible for the program or not. Therefore, interested individuals must pay extra attention to it. It will result in quick processing of their case and a bigger chance of being accepted.

For Further Information

In case of any queries or information requirements, the Alabama Energy Assistance Program page is available. It can be easily visited to clarify any confusion regarding the details of this benefit program.

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