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Alaska Denali KidCare (CHIP)

What You Need To Know

Alaska Denali Kidcare Children’s Health Insurance Program is just an extension of another program which is the Medicaid program in Alaska.

Aim of Denali KidCare: The sole purpose of this program is to protect Youngers and children from many infectious and deadly diseases by providing them healthcare requirements. Denali Kidcare provides its services just after the birth of a baby to till the eligible child becomes 18 years old. This great program is for all children’s either he/she is rich or poor. Both of the employed and unemployed families can achieve this opportunity.

Are You Eligible?

As Daniel Kidcare distribute great insurance service related to health and the children should be of 18 years old and the income of their families should be meeting the guidelines of income that is given. Not only kids or children are eligible for this program, but the pregnant women are also eligible for Medicaid which is currently known as the name of DenaliCare. But these pregnant women’s must contain evidence of pregnancy from a doctor. All these qualified people must be the residence of state of Alaska. The persons who are receiving the services from the Indian Health Care program and Tribal Health Services are also qualified for this program.


According to the requirements of this beneficial program, the applicant should just have to be the inhabitant of Alaska State. Children should be under 19 years old or might be a caregiver along with the child of fewer than 19 years or the pregnant women, permanent citizen with accommodation, legal alien etc. To qualify, the applicant should behave annual household income that would be equal to or less than the given criteria.


House Hold Size                           Maximum Income Level (for one year)
1                                                                         27300
2                                                                         36978
3                                                                         46655
4                                                                         56333
5                                                                          66010
6                                                                          75688
7                                                                           85365
8                                                                          95043

If the households increase more than 8, add 9678 for a single person. For more accuracy, you can contact with states program information.

Services covered by Denali KidCare

  • First, make sure your visit to the doctor.
  • Free of cost eye-related treatments included eyeglasses, surgeries or any treatment of the eye.
  • Health checkups without any cost.
  • The applicant can also have the facility of all dental services including, cleaning and filling of the tooth.
  • Hearing checkups are free of cost including all hearing treatments.
  • Care provided in the hospital would be free
  • Physical therapy would be free of cost
  • All lab services would be free of cost
  • Substance abuse treatment would be free of cost.
  • Foot checkups and treatments would be free of cost.
  • Prescribed medicine would be free of cost.
  • Service of Chiropractic would be free of cost
  • Transport for medical care child would be free of cost

The eligible kids and eligible pregnant women don’t have to pay for all these given services. Not only these teens whose age is 18 can also use these services but oh half cost.

As the coverage of DenaliCare will end up exactly after 12 months, there is no need to worry at all because the provider of this program will send you another application through the mail for a further extension before the 40 days expiry.


Income Guidelines

  • Income that is required for this program would be other than taxes.
  • If the children are adoptive or biological, the income that would be counted must be of present parents.
  • If there is any situation of a permanent division of Fund- will not be the part of income.
  • If there is a condition of deduction from employ income, will be eligible for application.
  • If the kids are also participating in other Health insurance services, this condition will not affect the eligibility of a child for this program.
  • All the income and deduction evidence should be attached during the submission of application for this beneficial program.

How To Apply

For the application you have to follow the given procedure.

  • Print the application form.
  • The signature of applicant required in this form.
  • National Identity Card is required.
  • Evidence of pregnancy
  • Evidence of child under 18
  • Verification of Income

Now mail all these documents to the office for Denali KidCare.

The official mail address is

Denali KidCare

PO Box 240047


Anchorage, AK 99524-0047.


You can apply through the online process by visiting the Alaska Denali KidCare website. If you want more details and information about DenaliCare you can connect with the Public Assistance Office.

For Further Information

For further detail, question and procedure the applicant is provided by contact number




Email at:



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