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Alaska Weatherization Assistance Program

What You Need To Know

The sole object of this program is to provide all the services that are provided by this beneficial program. All these services are free of cost for the eligible applicant. The finance provided to the applicant is to make their home safe, standardly efficient for energy and health. Alaska Weatherization gives long life to your home and building. This beneficial program provides financial help to preserve the excess energy that is costly now and also helps the people who can’t hire expensive costs of the utility.


From the year of 2010, Alaska received fund from weatherization Assistance Program which is up to $12 million. Beside this Alaska separately funded of $4 million from SEP (State Energy Program).



What is Alaska CDC?


Alaska Community Development Corporation is a non-profit and private agency that runs all the federal and state funding housing programs held in Alaska till 1979. It is a grant for a single time for the improvement of the house.


Are You Eligible?



Alaska weatherization assistance program is very beneficial for all eligible that includes families with disable person, especially elder people, families with more than three children, accommodation with excessive use of energy, residential people who are under great stress of energy, people with not enough income.  The priority is given to the disabled person and senior’s citizen 55+. The funding of this program is mainly done by DOE (Department of Energy) and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Not only this, the great program of weatherization assistance program provides financial support by providing jobs to the applicant. These job vacancies are up to 8500. And about 35000 houses got finances in only one year. The great numbers of an eligible inhabitant of Alaska State are receiving these services without any hurdles.


How To Apply



After the eligibility goes ahead towards the next step of the application and answers the question carefully mentioned in the applications. Signatures are also required. Now submit all the copies of documents with the application form. In the end, submit your application to the CDC Alaska for further procedure. That procedure took a period of about 1 year after the application then you will receive the funding of weatherization.


Are Tenants Eligible?


Not only homeowners, the renters who paid for their accommodation can also apply in this program, so they are also qualified and eligible for this beneficial program. The house in which renters live and paying for their accommodation and also need weatherization services so, the owners of this house will be legally assigned to pay the taxes.



Which Type of Buildings Can Be Weatherized?


It includes Mobile homes, apartments, cabins, houses, and buildings with a number of families included duplexes.





According to the qualification for Alaska Weatherization Assistance Program, the candidate should have to be the inhabitant of Alaska State. For more details and information make sure to connect with your district provider. To be eligible for this beneficial program, the annual income for the household should be equal to or might be less than the given below criteria.


Household Size                                           Maximum Income Level (Annual)
     1                                                                          15600
     2                                                                          21130
     3                                                                         26660
     4                                                                         32190
     5                                                                          37720
     6                                                                         43250
     7                                                                         48780
     8                                                                         54310



If the households increase up to 8 and become 9, 10 etc., then add 5530 for a single person.


How To Apply?


If you are eligible for this program then the next step for applicant is to contact the provider of this beneficial program for their state.



Services Provided by Alaska Weatherization Assistance Program


This beneficial program provides many useful services to eligible citizens.


  • Renewal of all glasses and broken windows.
  • Putting and fitting of Windows that are specific for a storm.
  • Installation of Thermostats.
  • Tuning of furnaces that will boost the efficiency of energy.
  • Installation of all safety measures which is necessary for the home.
  • The ceiling of room and walls.
  • Repairing of cracks
  • Installation of Smoke detectors
  • Repairing the door that is outside.



How To Give An Interview


After applying you have to fulfill the entire question asked in the interview. The interview can be orally or written. In case, if you missed the interview, your application will be canceled and you have to apply again from the first step of the whole procedure.



For Further Information


For the procedure and any information about Alaska Weatherization Assistance Program visit the official website of this program. You can also call at 1-800-478-2432 or the applicant can also call at 907-338-6100.



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