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Alaska Head Start

What You Need To Know

Alaska Head Start is one of the great programs of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This program first came into being in 1965. Jule Sugarman is the director and creator of this program. That time this program was formulated to educate the children of families having low-income. As it was a summer school program so, the children learned how to begin elementary school. Later on, in the year of 2007, this program stretch and many changes came into being. The new director of Head Start is Deborah Bergeron.

Aim and Objective of Alaska Head Start

The sole purpose of this program is to provide a healthy diet, Good health, Childhood, and early education from the day of birth to 5 years. This program also provide services to insufficient income families children who can’t meet their basic needs and are unable to give their children a nutritious diet and good health. The services of this program are a frame to promote the relationship of financially stable families, make the children’s emotionally strong and wellbeing, boost up the physical health of children’s and also develop a healthy environment for the empirical skills of children. The settlement of eligible child from their preschool towards the elementary school included in the services. It is done just to make them child-friendly, to engage with their fellows besides the family members and to adjust the children in place of the classroom.

Early Head Start


Many of the Alaska Head Start also frame Early Head Start, which is especially for pregnant women, toddlers, and infants. But also include their families whose income is less or equal to the poverty level.

Why Alaska Head Start is significant? As Alaska Head Start is the giant Childhood program that currently provides its services up to 3,000 children. It ensures that millions of children got health and dental screening every year. This program significantly plays the role to help needy families who can’t meet the expenses for their child’s examination and treatments. Parents can also participate in children’s programs. Their involvement just makes the child grow healthy and for social outcomes. They also learn the parents of children how they can help their child to move towards their achievements. When children move towards kindergarten, he/she now polished with increased skills of math, Literacy and social. Alaska Head Start build the structure of children which is truly important to be a competitor.

Are You Eligible?

Following requirements are essential for application in Alaska Head Start:

  • Documents of Income details
  • Documents os Deduction (if you have).
  • Income Taxes details
  • Birth Certificate of the child
  • Contact number in case of any Emergency.
  • Immunization reports
  • All health information.

For the Qualification of this program, the applicant should be the inhabitant of Alaska State and their per year household must be equal or below the following given criteria

House Hold Size                                    Maximum Income Level (in One year)
1                                                                               15600
2                                                                               21130
3                                                                                26660
4                                                                               32190
5                                                                               37720
6                                                                               43250
7                                                                                 48780
8                                                                                54310

If the households increase further from 8, then add 5530 for one head. The applicant can also check it by valid managing agency.


Following are qualified and eligible for this beneficial program

  • Pregnant Women
  • Homeless Child
  • Poor families’ children
  • Applicant must be the inhabitant of Alaska.
  • Disable children

As the funding for this program is limited by the government. If there is the condition, in which there is no more funding for you and you are also eligible for this program. Then your name and all information will be kept in a waiting list for funding.

How To Apply

After confirming the eligibility criteria, now move towards the next step of the procedure that is how to apply:

  • For application in Alaska Head Start and Early Head Start, the applicant must have to contact the local Program provider office.
  • They will give you an application form
  • The claimant has to fill this form with all evidence and valid documents.
  • Answer all the Question carefully asked in the form.
  • Submit the application form to the office of Alaska Head Start Association.
  • After completing the procedure, they will inform the applicant for an interview.

For Further Information

If you want to know more about Alaska Head Start, You can also contact on the given official number.





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