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Alaska Special Milk Program

What You Need To Know

The Special Milk Program came into existence in 1955 to increase milk consumption by the children in schools or any childcare institutions. And in 1966, the Special Milk Program was assimilated into the Child Nutrition Act. At the state level, the Special Milk Program is usually administered by State education agencies, which control the program through agreements with school food authorities.

Alaska Special Milk Program (ASMP) provides milk to the children who are in schools, institutions and childcare camps, aged from two to five who do not participate in any other meal services or programs. The purpose to initiate this program is to provide healthy meal facilities to those families in Alaska who cannot afford and have low income throughout the year. So, this Milk Program basically targets those families and fulfills the need of milk to their children, for the sake of growing them healthier. And this program must be treated by the organization without any personal benefits which should purely base on advantages for the children of schools.

To provide milk to the students of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and nursery, the School Breakfast Program can also join hands with the Alaska Special Milk Program. The students can get milk in their lunchtimes that do not any access to the school’s meal program.

Are You Eligible?


To be benefited by this program, it is mandatory to be the resident in Alaska.

An eligibility criterion is elaborated to distinguish between the families who can pay a low amount and those who want free milk. It can be found by looking at their annual household income, so the organization may know that they are deserving family or not. The maximum level of income per year according to the number of households is as follows which is defined by the Alaska Special Milk Program:

Number of family members Maximum income per year
1 28860
            2 39091
            3 49321
            4 59552
            5 69782
            6 80013
            7 90243
            8 100474

For those who have more than eight family members, they have to contact to the appropriate managing agency to get the guidelines accordingly. If your income is below or equal to the eligibility criteria, the program helps you to fill out a school meal application, the school or any institute will precede your application and elaborate the eligibility determination.

Note that if you are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program’s (SNAP) benefits, your child automatically qualifies for free school meals. If you are eligible for unemployment compensation, you might also be eligible for free or reduced price school meals.

How To Apply?


To get enrolled in the Special Milk Program, schools must apply and serve kids who generally don’t approach school feast programs. Taking an interest schools and organizations get repayment from the U.S. Branch of Agriculture (USDA) for every half-pinch serving of milk served. The partaking schools work their milk programs on a non-benefit premise and consent to utilize the government repayment to sponsor the offering cost of milk to all the children. And if you have more queries about the procedure of applying for the program,  you may contact to the state agency.

The Impact of Alaska Special Milk Program

As this platform has been the source of meal and healthy diet for a number of children, according to the fiscal year of 2012, about 61 million were benefited from the Special Milk Program. This noble act allowed many students to enjoy free milk also this program increased the overall consumption of milk in the country. A survey taken from around 768 schools which mean 20,000 students avail the service of free milk through the special milk program. And it was also clear that the 42% more milk was more consumed in the schools which were part of Special Milk Program as compared to those schools which were the non-SMP.

For Further Information

After reading this, if you have more queries to be cleared you can contact to the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Special Milk Program which handles all the queries. This institution does not discriminate over the age, sex, color, gender identity, disability, religion, beliefs and may be political opinions of the family. It provides equal rights to every single person so you will not be doubted over the credibility of the organization as they serve you only the best. But, if you still doubt it or notice any discrimination, the U.S Department of Agriculture have the Complaint Form where you can simply report your complain.






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