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Ohio Unemployment Compensation

Ohio Unemployment Compensation came into being as Social Security Act. But its effectiveness occurs in 1935. It is funded by the federal and governmental state. Many people in the world facing a great problem of unemployment so, in future, they became the part of any gang or bad companies and also ruins the future of their family and themselves. US government starts the program of Ohio Unemployed Compensation which is for those unemployed people who are unable to earn not because of themselves.

What Do You Need To Know?

The aim of Ohio unemployment compensation is to aid those people who are unemployed by availing them financial support for a limited time. It is mainly based on one’s own foregoing earning. It is only for those who are in search of some other earning ways. The sole purpose of this program is to provide the same allowance to that recently coming employed and also aid for the stabilization of economic workforce.


It is the responsibility of the Bureau to make the policies and procedure for unemployment. The unemployment trust fund is supported by the aid of taxes that they receive from the employees. The employers of Ohio give their contribution to that Trust which is then used by the unemployed, but the employees don’t give any contribution to their paycheck


Are You Eligible?



The facilities of Ohio unemployment are for those applicants who are unemployed due to the situation that is not in their will.  However, the claimant who has to left because of invalid reason.





The candidate may semi or completely unemployed during the submission of the application or with reduced work hours mostly eligible to enroll in this program.





The applicant worked up to 20 hours during their employment, mostly eligible for Ohio unemployment compensation program.


What Do You Need To Know?



There are different ranges according to 2019 for Ohio’s Unemployment tax rates


Lowest Experience rate of 0.3%
Highest Experience rate of 9.0%
Mutualized rate of 0.0%
New Employer rate 2.7%
Construction Industry rate of 6.0%
Delinquency rate 11.4%


You must have to know who employers according to Unemployment Compensation are; Employers are of three types that include.


  • Those employers who engage with domestic services
  • Those employers who hire agricultural services
  • Employers who run any kind of business


Are You Eligible?


The claimant must have to be the inhabitant of Ohio State.

The claimant must have proved for the loss of the job for no reason.

Applicant should be active physically and mentally for the performance of his/her work- if the applicant is not able mentally or physically then he/she got benefits from this system only in the situation if he has a medical certificate as proof.


The applicant must be available for the work shift at any time of their selected occupation.

To know further eligibility criteria, you can visit your local unemployment office. Make sure that you are able to give the right answer for every question asked by them.


How To Apply?


  • After the eligibility of this program, you must have to follow the given process of application.
  • The unemployed worker make a call to the UC bureau in official timing 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. and official days Monday to Friday.
  • If you want to apply online, then you can fill your form from the official website
  • You can also file the application through telephone at toll-free number 1-888-313-7284.
  • You can mail your application file to the UC service center.
  • Unemployment compensation program can also provide the facility of Videophone service, by which you can easily file your application on number 717-704-847


And then after the application, the claimant will receive their first check of benefit. It will take time maximum of two to three weeks.


Following information you have to give when you are applying for Ohio unemployment compensation:


  • Name, permanent address of the applicant
  • Social security and Alien registration card number
  • Driving License and Identity card number
  • 18 months previous work record


Benefits of Ohio unemployment compensation program:



This program is held to help those educated and talented person who is struggling to find a suitable mean of earning. Ohio unemployment compensation program provides those sources of earning that you are experienced.


How long can you collect unemployment in Ohio?



On behalf of Ohio unemployment compensation, an applicant takes its unemployment facilities for up to 26 weeks. If the duration of unemployment is high, then they will provide their facilities for an additional 13 – 20 weeks but now-a-day the rate of unemployment is not so high in any state of the US.




The bureau for Ohio unemployment compensation is located at 30 E Broad ST, Columbus, OH 43215, USA



For Further Information


For further detail and questionaries,’ you can call at 644-6562 or may visit at Ohio official website.


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