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Ohio Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

Ohio’s home weatherization program is a governmentally supported funded, least income residential energy-saving program. This program lessens the utility of energy of low-income households. And create more opportunities for affordable housing for other needy. The services of Ohio home weatherization assistance program include wall and basement insulation, blower door guided air leakage reduction, attic, repairing or replacement of insulation system etc. The education of an individual is an essential part of this program.


What Do You need To Know?


Ohio’s home weatherization assistance service program offers the eligible inhabitants of Ohio to aid the efficiency of energy for their house and also aided to minimize the cost of energy that they use. For this program, the Ohioans have to inquire about their home by investigator member that will identify all the services which are essential to boost the energy efficiency of your home.



What does Ohio’s Weatherization program cover, usually it includes measurements like


  • Pressure imbalances
  • Tuning of heating units
  • Repairing cooling units
  • Decreasing of air units.
  • Introducing of insulation
  • Ceiling ducks


Requirements of Ohio home weatherization assistance program


  • For Ohio home weatherization assistance program, you must be a permanent resident of Ohio State.
  • Person up to 60 years.
  • Families with more than one disabled person (including mental and physical disability)
  • The applicant’s annual income must be equal or less than the following amounts as decided by


Ohio’s home weatherization assistance program


  Household size              Maximum Income Level (per year)
        1                                           24980
        2                                           33820
        3                                           42660
        4                                           51500
        5                                           60340
        6                                           69180
        7                                           78020
        8                                           86860


It is a standard calculation for eight people, and if there is more than eight-person in a house then add 8840 per head. Always measured with the appropriate managing agency to make sure the suitable guidelines. If the applicant receives Supplemental Security income or temporary assistance for needy families, then they are automatically capable to receive these weatherization services.



How To Apply?


The application for Ohio’s home weatherization assistance program will be printed from its official page. With required documents mail the application to Ohio’s HWAP center and you will receive an answer within a few days.


Are You Eligible?



  • The applicant whose income is less than or equal to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty level
  • If the customer is also a participant of Supplementary security income (SSI), then they are also eligible for Ohio’s home weatherization assistance program.
  • Customer is also eligible if they are a participant of the Percentage of income payment plan plus (PIPP).
  • If the applicant is a renter than with the reference and permission of the landlord, they are also eligible for HWAP.


Policies and Procedure


  • The policies and procedure of Ohio’s home weatherization assistance program has been decided by
  • Ohio’s development services agency and the Office of community assistance. The manual contained the following information
  • Information associated with Ohio’s home weatherization assistance policies and procedure dictated by federal and state government.
  • The summary consists of all the essential procedure that is needed for HWAP policy.
  • Also, include the charts for requirements clarification.
  • Availability of complete detail to fill the required form.



For Further Information



The applicant wants any type of more information about Ohio’s home weatherization assistance program from their phone number or from their e-mail address

Contact number: 513-868-9300


Fax: 614-861-7789




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