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Ohio Works First

What Do You Need To Know?


Ohio Work First is a social welfare program to aid needy people. Ohio Work First is a monetary assistance part of Ohio’s Temporary Assistance to needy families (TANF) program. Ohio Works First program was set up to provide a time-limited aid to help the eligible families. This great program offers cash facilities for 36 months to poor eligible families. You can easily get benefits from this program. All the details of this program are given below like requirements, how to apply and further contact information is given below. Read the complete article and apply for this program to get benefits.


This program signifies



  • Self-sufficiency
  • Personal responsibility
  • Employment


After the duration of 3 years, applicant family will not receive additional cash aid. For additional financial benefits, the applicant family will require approval from Country Department of job and family services (CDJFS). Additional Extension is of two types.


  • Hardship
  • Good cause


Applicant family will receive every time Hardship extension after the completion of 3 years or 36 months of initial aid. After a waiting period of 24 months, the applicant family got a Good cause extension that will follow the limited time period of 36 months. Each Country Department of job and family services (CDJFS) consist of their own terms and condition or procedure for good and hardship cause of extension.



Are You Eligible?


  • To be a part of the OWF program, the applicant should be
  • A permanent resident of Ohio State.
  • Having low or lower income.
  • Pregnant women or might be accountable for a child under the age of 19.
  • Very low wages employee.
  • Legal foreigners.
  • A citizen with US nationality.
  • Unemployed or might become unemployed nearly.
  • Applicant age must be equal to or greater than 18 years.



How To Apply?


  • The application procedure is consist of five steps


  • If the applicant complete the eligibility interview, and a view about their personal circumstances.


  • A referral for a child protection and support interview.


  • A pre-employment interview that will demonstrate the applicant spirit, strength, and passion about taking part in social activities and other activities.


  • Assistance will render some assignment to the applicant that will demonstrate their activeness for work.


All the new Ohio Works First participant will have to complete the initial job readiness program before the approval of benefits offered by Ohio work first program. If the applicant is already an employee i.e. working in a school or an NGO, then have to talk to their worker they might not have to attend.


After all the five-step, the applicant must have to appear in front of assistance and have to clear the face to face interview. The applicant might be applied in any of the six neighboring centers of Ohio. Application for Ohio Work may be downloaded from the official website and submit it through online or mail it to the following address: 1180 S. main street, suite 102, Akron, OH 44301 – 1 – 1256.


The following information will be required when the household applicant will submit their application. Read all the information carefully to apply to this program.



  • Birth certificate.
  • US passport.
  • Driving license, state or school identification
  • Foreigner’s registration card (if the applicant is not a resident of US)
  • Proof of income.
  • Child support received.
  • Contact Information


How To Complete The Interview?


The applicant will receive a written notice by the agency of the country, in which the location, date and time will be mentioned. And that interview might be taken in the office, at home or on the telephone.



Missed interview


In the situation of missing the interview, the agency will send you the notification. After this, you yourself are responsible for this happening and have to reapply from the start.


Managing Agency



Ohio work first program is administered by the US department of health and human services.


For Further Information



The applicant can make a call to the Ohio Department of job and family services for Ohio work first toll-free contact number.

Contact #18-662-440-071

Contact #1-866-635-3748


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