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New York Weatherization Assistance Program:

What Do You Need To Know?

Weatherization assistance program provides the services to bring down the amount of energy which is required to heat up homes and dispense hot water. In the state of New York, there were many houses that built in the past and energy was very cheap compare than the present time. So, the cost of these heat houses is very high than the newer constructed houses because new ones are truly energy-efficient. The main aim of this program is to give the knowledge related to the efficiency of energy and providing job vacancies to the huge local community. It helps low-income middle families by reducing the energy cost. It also aided the insufficient income family circle. It specially includes disabling, aged people and children.


Funding of Weatherization Assistance Program



This beneficial program got its funding through the United States Departments for Energy and Health and Human Services. WAP is also funded by (LI-HEAP) – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program The services and benefits of New York Weatherization Assistance Program got access in each and every 62 sectors of the country. Even all the province, town, village, and community of the country take benefits by local New York Weatherization Assistance Program provider.


Are You Eligible?


The eligibility criteria for the New York Weatherization Assistance program is given below



  • For qualification, the applicant should have to be a citizen of New York State.


  • Besides the included taxes, the candidate should have the proof of per year household income, which should be less than 60% of State Median Income. This condition is applicable for both renters and the owners of the property. But senior citizens, disabled person, and families with their children got priority over others.


Renters are Eligible


Not only the homeowners, but the renters can also take benefits through this weatherization program services. Consequently, renters are also eligible. The rent of those participants who are the members of this beneficial program will not increase by the services provided through the Weatherization Assistance program.



What types of houses are qualified?


Single-family houses, flats, apartment’s buildings, manufactured houses; separate quarters are all eligible for weatherization service.


Household size and income level

Household Size                                Maximum Income level (per year)
       1                                                                         28693
      2                                                                         37522
      3                                                                         46350
      4                                                                         55179
      5                                                                         64007
      6                                                                         72836
       7                                                                          74491
      8                                                                          76147


If the households increase up to eight people, then add 1656 per head. If any of the members who receive services from public assistance program or Home Energy Assistance program then you will unintentionally qualify for this beneficial weatherization programs services. All the applications and claim received by rental property owners, renters and owners of the property.


How To Apply?


  • If you need to meet the eligibility criteria, then go ahead to the next step of this beneficial program.
  • Now you can contact the weatherization service providers of your state.
  • Submit your application or elimination letter.
  • When the fund will be available for the applicant household issues, the service provider will inform you of your provided contact number and confirm the qualification.
  • After this, you have to pass the interview.
  • Then Weatherization work will be inducted.


Move towards the catalog which is for local of New York weatherization service providers then this link.


Advantages of this program


  • Improves health standards and safety procedures.
  • Conservation of energy
  • Aid to decrease the costs of energy
  • Provide the comfort at your home
  • Jobs facility


Services Included in NY WAP



  • It includes the recoating of all holes and cracks in walls which will decrease the loss of heat energy.
  • Wrapping of walls and attics
  • Replacement and repairing of heating system.
  • Availability of refrigeration and well-organized lightening.
  • Main door and window repairing
  • Placement of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector.
  • Alleviation of safety issues associated with energy.
  • All minors repairing
  • Tuning of all cooling and heating ducts
  • Policies and procedure to exit the cold air out and kept the heat inside.


Cost for Weatherization


As each and every house has various repairing issues so this great program is completely free of cost, mainly depend on the work that required. But the owner of that rented house has to pay in funds which are for services of weatherization.



Prior to the beginning of any services, the HCDC inquire all the information which is possible and this data will be kept protected at the Federal Privacy Act.


For Further Information


For more information related to New York Weatherization Assistance Program please, visit the website. http:/



The applicant can also make a call to their country New York State Division of Housing and Renewal Community at# 1-866-275-3427.


Make sure the telephonic contact to Weatherization Association Program Central office located in Albuny # 518-474-5700 you can also contact by email:






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