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Iowa Medicaid Program

This program is also known as Health Link. Nowadays, this program covers up to 600,000 inhabitants. The enrollment for this program ascends by 30% between the years of 2013 to 2016.


What Do You Need To Know?


Medicaid program is governed by the United States federal government in the year of 1965. The sole purpose of this program is to help those families and person with low income to provide them medical treatment.



Three main programs are available which avail the facility of Medicaid services.


  • Healthy and well kids in Iowa (Hawk-I)
  • Medicaid Fee for Services (FFS)
  • IA Health





Health and Well Kids avail the facility of healthy life specially for working families’ children. Some families may not pay their premiums and some only have to pay $40 in a single month. Health Home does not cost something more.


IA Health


IA Health provides you the behavioral, physical and mental and cares for a long period of time. Many of the Iowa Medicaid clients participate in IA Health Link Managed Care Program that associates with MCO (Managed Care Organization).



Family Planning Program


This program is mainly for those people whose age is between 12 to 54 years. FFP’s sole purpose is to help with cash, and services related to family planning.



IMSCP (Iowa Medicaid Smoking Cessation Program)


This program mainly consists of two parts:

Pharmacy Services – it consists of different nicotine products that are a substitute for them like gums, patch, etc. quitline Iowa – it avails you the services of counseling for tobacco and drug users. Toll-free number: 1-800-784-8669.



Dental Wellness Plan: This program provides the facility of dental wellness related to adult Iowa Medicaid members, who are between the age of 19 or up to 19.


The Iowa Medicaid program is managed and responsible by MCOs- Managed Care Organizations which is contract-based. This program includes those members who are suffering from complicated health care related services. This support and services include mental, physical, and behavioral. The managed care Organization programs consist of great network of their health care providers that are responsible to provide good quality care for all the Medicaid members. Iowa Medicaid program is mainly based on the income of candidate. For being qualified for this program you must have to meet all the valid eligibility requirement and then you will be able to get the Medicaid coverage.


Are You Eligible?



There are the following essential and basic requirements.

  • Pregnant women.
  • The person whose age is between 19 and 64 whose income will be bellow or 133 percent, according to the ratio announced by Federal Poverty Level.
  • The candidate who lives in Iowa and the inhabitant of the US.
  • Female with Cervical and Breast cancer and want medication.
  • Children who are less than 21 years.
  • An aged person mostly includes older than 65 years.
  • People with disabilities like Blindness, deaf, etc.


Breast and Cervical Cancer:


The Iowa Medicaid program is available for those needy women who suffer in Cervical and Breast cancer-like diseases and having not enough resources for the treatment and health coverage. For the eligibility of this program, the women should have to make sure their screening test and diagnoses report through the Early Detection Program or by Susan G.



How To Apply?


Iowa Medicaid program is available in the soft form or in hard form or also by mail. A hard copy is necessary if you are applying through the mail.



Online Registration


If you are eligible for this program, you have options for the application. For Online application of Medicaid Program, firstly you have to visit the official portal, make your account, carefully read the requirements and fill all the option.

The applicant can also apply by downloading the form from the given link, submit this form to the district counselor.



Telephonic Registration


It’s a great suggestion for those people who are unable to read and write or any difficulty because of disability. For this telephonic application, you have to connect the call to the main Department of Iowa Human Services application hotline.


Requirements: For the application of this program, you have to provide.



  • Income information
  • Social Security numbers
  • Complete Employer detail.
  • Any Medical insurance (if you have)
  • Alien registration number
  • Proof of all taxes and household
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of disability.
  • Pay stubs.


Assets and Income Limitation for Eligibility



Type of Medicaid (Single)


  Income limit Asset limit Required Care level
1- Home and community based service $2313/ month $2000 Nursing Home
2-Nursing Home Medicaid $2313/ month $2000 Nursing Home
3-Aged, Blind and Regular Medicaid $771/ month $2000 None


For Further Information


For further detail and information make toll free call during the official days Monday to Friday.

Contact # 1-855-889-7985


Contact # 1-800-338-8366


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