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Iowa Special Milk Program

What Do You Need To Know?

After a worldwide survey, it was concluded that in every three children the second child is suffered from iron or calcium deficiency. Our young ones are unfit because of improper and innutritious diet. The improper diet causes many serious hazards like deficiency of iron, calcium and stunt growth, etc.


Milk is an essential part of a proper diet. Nutritious milk provides calcium, iron and many vitamins. Milk is a complete source of calcium. Calcium is very important for bones and teeth and deficiency of calcium leads to many complicated diseases like osteoporosis, rickets and other bone and teeth problem. US state starts a program Iowa Special Milk Program to provide nutritious milk to the children in school, nursery, kindergarten, playgroups and in another educational institute.



The special milk program is very helpful and beneficial. It provides the facility of nutritious milk to school going young children and non-profitable childcare departments which do not take any part in various Federal Child Care Nutritious meal service programs. This beneficial program pays or refunds the institute for that milk which they serve. All the schools of National School Lunch or School Breakfast especially take part in the Iowa Special Milk Program. They are helpful to provide the facility of nutritious milk to the youngers who are in half-day of pre-kindergarten and those kindergarten programs in which the children’s have no access in the School Meal Programs.


What is Special nutritious Milk Program?


Special Nutritious Milk consists of



  • Flavored
  • Unflavored
  • Skim
  • Low fat
  • Cultured Buttermilk
  • Whole milk


The contents of special milk must have to meet the local and state standards values.


Aim and purpose of Iowa Special Milk program



The sole purpose of Iowa Special Milk Program is to provide nutritious and healthful milk to the young ones. Their objective is to fade out the problem of unhealthy diet and innutritious milk and provide a healthful diet to the young ones. And to give the perfect present so that they will give their nation a brilliant future.


The nutritious milk program should be held for all registered Youngers. The milk might be pricing or non-pricing.


Non-Pricing Milk 



In this program, the milk is not sold to the Youngers. Every child will be provided by the same nutritious milk without payment.


Pricing Milk



Pricing milk means the program that charge for milk which is being to be an offer by the program. In short, they sold out the milk to children. Every child got the same nutritious milk on same charges.


Iowa Special Milk Program Requirements


Requirements for the Iowa Special Milk Program is mentioned below



A person who wants to be a part of this beneficial program should be a permanent resident of the state of Iowa. For free and cheap price milk or meal, income eligibility must be equal or less than the standard level as decided by the Iowa special milk program.


Annual household income of an applicant must be equal or less than the following decided amounts:




Household size                              Maximum Income Level (per year)
        1                                                                       $20,036
        2                                                                       $ 26,955
        3                                                                       $ 33,874
        4                                                                       $ 40, 793
        5                                                                        $ 47, 712
        6                                                                       $ 54, 631
        7                                                                        $ 61, 550
        8                                                                       $ 68, 469


Above mentioned data is for standard family size (for eight people) and If there are more than eight people in a family than add $ 6,919 per head and then calculate it. Always select a suitable administrative agency to make sure accurate information and guidelines.





Following records require keeping the information


  • Number and amount of half-pint milk pack which is being to be served every day with complete detail of the category and site of milk.


  • All the application and Claiming forms which are submitted by children’s family for the provisioning of free milk.


  • The record of all children must be kept approximately for three years (if he/she is eligible for this program).


  • Records related to income, contribution, and expenditures received.


Are You Eligible?


  • The applicant will be eligible to be a participant of Iowa Special Milk Program if their earning is at or less than current income eligibility guidelines.


  • If the applicant is a part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) then their child will be also eligible for free school meals.


  • If candidates are receiving unemployment compensation benefits than they are also capable of receiving free or low-cost school meal.


  • Iowa special Program is administered by


  • This beneficial program is managed by the Federal agency of the child nutrition program.


How To Apply?


  • If you want to apply for the Iowa Special Milk Program then keep in touch with your state agency.
  • Visit the Iowa special milk program center.
  • The applicant may submit their application on the official web site of Iowa Special milk program.
  • The applicant may contact their child’s school, camp, or childcare institution.


For Further Information


For more information about the application procedure, requirements and everything about Iowa special milk program, then contact with Iowa staff on toll-free number:



Contact # 1-800-537-1142

Contact # 515-281-5356.


You can also visit Iowa website



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