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Kansas Kancare (SCHIP)

What You Need To Know

The Kansas Kancare program also known as the State Children Health Insurance Program provides affordable health insurance to children of poor families residing in Kansas. There are thousands of children who are uninsured and this program provides them with an opportunity to get medical insurance and improve their health conditions. Children who are citizens of Kansas and do not qualify for the Medicaid program can apply for the Kansas Kancare program. Kids who are dependent on their parents and are less than 19 years of age are eligible to apply for this program. The program provides benefits to children of poor households with income level which is below 232% of the total country’s poverty level. In some cases, the program might also provide health insurance to uninsured parents as well.

Program Services

The Kansas Kancare (SCHIP) provides services for kids like,

  • Regular child check-ups
  • Immunization and other preventive measures
  • Dental check-ups of the child
  •  Eye care services (eyeglasses, eye care services)
  • Emergency services to the patients
  • Medication payments
  • Therapy

Are You Eligible?

There are certain mandatory requirements for the Kansas SCHIP that applicant needs to fulfill on order to qualify for the program benefits. Those are,

  • The applicant must be a citizen or legal alien of the United States of America
  • The applicant who is a legal alien living in Kansas (it should be noted that the parents of the applicant are not required to prove their residential status)
  • The applicant must be 19 years old or younger or a parent/caretaker with a child under 19 years of age
  •  The applicant must not be receiving any health insurance including the Medicaid
  • The applicant has parents working in the Kansas state.

The two important eligibility requirements are,

  • Total number of members in the household
  • The total annual income of the candidate

The total gross income of the household before taxes must be equal to or less than,

Size of Household  Annual Gross Income Level
1 30101
2 40754
3 51406
4 62058
5 72710
6 83362
7 94015
8 104667

An extra amount of $10,652 is added per person if the total size of the household is more than 8 members. Therefore, it is important to visit a managing agency in your area to help you get your hands on the latest and up-to-date information and program guidelines. This will help you understand the terms and policies of the program and help make the application process easy.

You can also visit the Kansas official Kancare (SCHIP) website to check your eligibility criteria for the program. The applicant will have to provide information regarding

  • Earnings
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utility expenses
  • Child support expenses
  • Day-care expenses
  • Medical bills, if you are older than 60, or disabled
  • Other benefit programs you have applied to
  • Any other payments

How To Apply

There are multiple ways to apply for the Kansas Kancare (SCHIP) program like

  • Online application

After making sure your eligibility for the Kancare, the next step is the application process. You can make your application online by visiting Apply for KanCare where you will be provided with all the necessary information. This website provides easy and fast online services to the citizens of Kansas.

  • Apply through the local office

Another easy way of applying for the Kancare (SCHIP) is through the Division of Health Care Finance (DHCF) office. It will provide assistance regarding the Kansas Kancare program and the officials will make the whole process less daunting by providing the necessary information.

You can download the application form through the official Kancare website and fill it as accurately and truthfully as possible because a false statement can lead to termination of the application. Once the application is submitted you cannot change it hence it is advisable to be careful while filling out the application form.

Before filling the application form make sure you have all the required information to speed up the process. Once you have filled out the application form you can return it to Kancare office.

  • Apply Via Phone Call

Individuals interested in the Kansas Kancare (SCHIP) can also call at the following numbers to find a health department in their community.

  • 1-800-792-4884
  • 1-800-792-4292 (for TTY users)
  • 785-368-1515 ( for the residence of Topeka Area)

You can then talk to the Kancare representative in your county and ask for the application form. By calling the above number you get to talk to a highly qualified member of the program who can answer any queries you might have regarding the Kansas Kancare (SCHIP).

  • Apply Via Fax

Another easy way to submit the application form is via fax. Once you download the application form and fill it you can then fax it to either 785-431-7194 or 1-800-498-1255 numbers (these are toll-free numbers which are accessible 24/7)

 For Further Information

If you have more queries please visit website. The website will make sure that you are provided with up-to-date information regarding the program to make the application process easy. You can choose any of the above options to get the application form and apply either in person or online however you feel comfortable.







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