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Arizona Weatherization Assistance Program

What Do You Need To Know

Weatherization is the process of proofing the building & its interior from climatic factors such as sunlight, seepage, winds, etc.; making the building energy efficient by toning down the factors responsible for energy consumption.

The US Weatherization Assistance Program generated in 1976 by the US Department of Energy, to help low-income families;

  • To reduce energy consumption
  • Reduction in energy bills
  • Prevent energy poverty for future

In Arizona, the weather assistance program started in 1977, the U.S Department of Energy and U.S Department of Health and Human Services are the funding bodies of the weather assistance program.

In  Arizona the Arizona Department of Housing Weatherization Assistance Program (ADOH WAP) is the managing body, the weather assistance program in Arizona began in 1977 and to date, more than 26,000 households receive benefits from this program.

Are You Eligible?


The  Arizona Weatherization Assistance Program is for the residents of the state of Arizona, (homeowner or renter).

  • People with mobile homes, trailers, single-family homes and multi-family homes are eligible for this program.
  • If the family, is part of Supplemental Security Income or Aid to Families with Dependent Children they become automatically eligible for Weather Assistance Program.
  • Family having one or more members with disability.
  • Families with children or over 60 years of age are eligible for registration in the Weatherization Assistance Program.

The Arizona Department of Housing Weatherization Assistance Program (ADOH WAP), defined criteria for the utilization of the weather assistance program, ( income requirement, Department of Energy (DOE) guidelines) so that most deserved residents of Arizona state can get the most of the benefits from the program.

Household size Maximum Annual Income Level ($)
1 24,980
2 33,820
3 42,660
4 51,500
5 60,340
6 69,180
7 78,020
8 86,860


For the households of more than 8 family members; add $ 8,840 for each additional member. The applications for weather assistance program are dealt at a community level, the Arizona Department of  Housing  Weatherization  Assistance Program ( ADOH WAP) has contracts with 10 organizations it includes local community action agencies, non-profit organizations and local governments who help in the installation of weatherization systems.

The Arizona Department of Housing Weatherization Assistance Program (ADOH WAP) provides assistance as follows;

  • Insulation for better heating, cooling or water seepage.
  • Sealing of holes, cracks or gaps all around the house for the prevention of air leakage or water seepage.
  • Provision of proper ventilation systems.
  • Provision of water-efficient equipment and/or systems.
  • It also provides proper maintenance of the systems installed in the household.
  • The provision of other energy conservation improvements is made upon the identification of the home energy auditor.

With time they also introduced the most advanced technology and testing methods in the housing industry.

How To Apply

  • Contact your state to find local weatherization agency .
  • Fill out an application form, which requires proof of income of the year, you apply for application and number of people living in the house.

In case of approval of the application, the weatherization agency contacts you for further assistance.

Steps After The Approval of Application

*Keep in mind that preference is given to the people who are most in need. Firstly, after the approval of the application, the professional energy auditor will perform an energy audit, at the end of which the energy auditor will provide you with the list and instructions requires to make your home energy-efficient and cost-effective.

The audit involves:

  • Computerized assessment of how much your house consumes energy.
  • Analysis of your energy bills.
  • Pressurized test for air leaks.

On completion of the audit, the energy auditor will guide you through the process of how the crew will work and how much will it cost (usually approximately $ 6,500 per house). When all the necessary arrangements are done the energy auditor will come for the final audit, to make sure that nothing is missing and all the equipment are operating safely, as your health and safety is the top priority.

For Further Information

For further information and registration in the program, visit:

  • WAP Contract Information/ Service Areas by County.

or Call: 602-771-1000

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