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Arizona Utility Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

What You Need To Know

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a benefit program set up in almost all the states. This federally-funded benefit program is known as the Utility Assistance Program in Arizona. This program aims to provide to those low-income households that are unable to afford their utility payments. The Utility Assistance Program pays on their behalf, making sure that the residence remains habitable. They keep the house warm in winters and cool in summers.

This helps to reduce the health of any health or safety hazards that can take place. By providing the utilities necessary to make life easier, LIHEAP eliminated the chance of illnesses. Along with safeguarding the health of people, it also decreases any safety problems that may occur due to weather extremities. The benefits program has set up designated local providers to make sure energy assistance is provided. This allows deserving families to avail these benefits without any issues.

The Arizona Utility Assistance Program is made up of three types of assistance. These can be availed by qualified individuals according to their needs. Following are the kinds of assistance that come under this benefit program:

  1. Bill Payment assistance
  2. Energy crisis assistance
  3. Weatherization and energy-related home repairs.

LIHEAP assistance can be availed on a first-come-first-serve basis. This means that interested individuals must be active during its process. Qualified members are able to focus on other aspects of their life. The one-time payment made by the LIHEAP staff to their vendors keeps the worries about utilities away.

Are You Eligible?


The authority that handles this program has determined an eligibility criterion for interested individuals. Offices have been set up throughout the state that determines the qualification of households in their communities. The two main aspects to be considered in this regard are the fact that the person should be:

  • A resident of the state of Arizona
  • In need of financial aid for their home energy expenses.

There are also certain additional criteria outlined by the Arizona Utility Assistance program. This needs to be reviewed by interested individuals as well. This benefit program has been set up for those who classify as low-income households. Therefore, it is important to make sure that their earning does not surpass the following amounts. This table has been created keeping the household size and respective income in mind.

Size Of The Household Maximum Annual Income Level ($)
1 7,494
2 10,146
3 12,798
4 15,450
5 18,102
6 20,754
7 23,406
8 26,058

A household that consists of more than eight residents should add an additional amount. This amount has been outlined to be $2,652 per person. It is recommended that an applicant stays in touch with their managing agency. The most accurate guidelines can be followed through such constant contact which may help the interested individual.

How To Apply?

People who believe they are eligible for this benefits program can consider contacting their local Community Action Program. This can be found in the various counties of Arizona. These offices will provide the necessary assistance concerning the application process.

Additional information can also be found through the online resources set up. Amongst these, there is People’s Information Guides which can provide Arizona residents with the data they need. In order to apply for the LIHEAP program, the applicant must have the following documents. This helps to confirm their eligibility for the assistance:

  • An ID card or State Driver’s License
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of residence.
  • Social Security numbers, birth certificates or school records. The documents of all household members.
  • Proof of Income.
  • Copies of utility bills
  • Utility Termination Notice
  • Statement showing utility allowance in case you are living in subsidized housing.

For Further Information?

Arizona has ensured that access to information about their programs is simple. Therefore, their Arizona LIHEAP page provides interested residents with the appropriate information. This can help them to clear out any queries or confusion they may have. It may allow these people to learn about other benefits they can enjoy as well. With the information, they will be able to apply for the programs that are most suitable for their needs.

A Frequently Asked Questions page is present on the website of the Arizona Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS). This ensures that a large audience of interested individuals is catered to in the comfort of their home.

In case further information is required concerning the Arizona Utility Assistance program, you can also contact either of the following agencies:

  • LIHEAP State or Territory agency
  • LIHEAP Indian Tribe or Tribal Organization agency.
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