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Virginia Medicaid

What Do You Need To Know

The Virginia Medicaid is funded by the federal government along with the state of Virginia. The program benefits individuals and families from a low-income background to get health care services. The program is targeted towards pregnant women, parents/ guardian with dependent children, elderly or disabled residents of Virginia. The qualified candidates will receive medical insurance that will cover their medical bills.

Program Objectives

The Virginia Medicaid program is targeted towards families and individuals with low household income who are unable to cover their medical payments due to financial problem. People from the underprivileged background are incapable of paying expensive medical payments as a result of the high cost of health care. Thus, the goal of the program is to reach out to such people and provide protection against the expensive medical bill so that they can live a healthy lifestyle.

 Program Services


The Virginia Medicaid program assist the eligible applicants by providing various health care services including

  • Home care services
  • Nursing and hospital care services
  • Laboratory test and X-rays services
  • Eye care services
  • Dental care services
  • Prescription medicines
  • Emergency care
  • Therapy services
  • Interpretation services and many more

Are You Eligible?

There are certain eligibility requirements of the Virginia Medicaid program which needs to be fulfilled if the applicant wants to avail the benefits of this program. The general pre-conditions for the Medicaid program are,

  • The applicant needs to be a legal resident of the state of Virginia
  • The applicant must be a permanent US citizen to apply for the program. Legal aliens can also apply for the Medicaid program if they require medical assistance.
  • The applicant has a dependent child or an elderly person in your household.
  • The applicant is a pregnant woman or has a pregnant woman in the house
  • The applicant is or has a disabled member in the household
  • The applicant’s weak financial position restricts them form having medical insurance then they can apply for the Virginia Medicaid.
  • The applicant must have a household income that fits within the income guideline specified by the Virginia Medicaid program.

Besides that, the agency that administers the Virginia Medicaid program which is responsible for providing the health care services to the state’s citizens takes into account two important factors which are,

  • Size of the household
  • Total income of the household per annum before taxes

The total annual household income before taxes should not exceed by,

Size of Household Max Annual Income Level
1 16612
2 22491
3 28369
4 34248
5 40127
6 46005
7 51884
8 57762

In case the household has more than 8 members living together, an extra amount of $5878 is added as the number of members increase. To understand the terms and policies of the Virginia Medicaid program it is advisable to visit your nearby Medicaid office. In this way, you will be able to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the program.

The eligibility for the Virginia Medicaid program can also be checked through an online procedure. The applicant will be asked to provide the following information to check their eligibility for the Medicaid program online,

  • Personal information (citizenship status, personal identification number)
  • Total annual household income
  • The citizenship status of the candidate
  • Total number of members in the household
  • Health conditions of the applicant
  • Any other benefits that the applicant might be getting

How To Apply

There are many ways to apply for the Virginia Medicaid program which include

  • Applying Online

The application form for the Virginia Medicaid program can be filled out online. To fill the form please visit the CommonHelp online portal. It is important to make your account on the website portal before applying for the program. It is a user-friendly portal and makes the whole process of applying easy and quick. The website contains detailed information about the application procedure. You can also download the application form at Paper applications

The applicant can also visit the Virginia official Marketplace to see if they are eligible for the Medicaid. The marketplace was started to ensure basic healthcare benefits to citizens across various states of the United States of America who are otherwise not able to do so. You can also find information related to the Affordable Healthcare Act on the website.

  • Via Phone Call

Interested individuals or families can also apply for the Virginia Medicaid through phone and the application form will be delivered to them via email. To apply please call the toll free number  1-855-635-4370. The application form will be delivered to you either by an email or by post.

  • Via Local District Office

You can visit the local Department of Social Services office page to find an office near your house to make a personal application. After finding a nearby office, you can visit it to get one on one guidance regarding the program.

For Further Information

To learn more about the program kindly visit the Virginia Medicaid page. To find further information regarding the Medicaid program please visit the local Social Services office website and learn about the program policies and guidelines applicable in Virginia state.









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