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Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

What You Need To Know

A federally funded program that helps households with their home energy bills in all seasons. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is aimed at making winters and summers more comfortable for families. They pay the bills to make sure that the house stays habitable for its residents. This is achieved by providing heat in winter and air conditioning in summer. This plays a part in the healthcare of the people and keeps away any safety problems that may occur. There are different kinds of assistance that are provided by the Pennsylvania LIHEAP program. Amongst these, there are:

  • Bill payment assistance
  • Energy crisis assistance
  • Weatherization and energy-related home repairs.

The administration of this program has been carried out by the Administration for Children and Families. This program aims to make sure that no families suffer from harsh weather conditions.

Are You Eligible?

To qualify for the LIHEAP program, the annual income of a household is considered. The community program has to make sure of the following aspects as well:

  • A resident of the Pennsylvania state
  • Need for Financial assistance especially for home energy costs.

The household income that is considered is through the help of the following table. The annual income before taxes must be less than or equal to:

Size of Household Maximum Annual Income Level ($)
1 18,735
2 25,365
3 31,995
4 38,625
5 45,255
6 51,885
7 58,515
8 65,145

In case there are more than eight people in a household, an additional amount of $6,630 is added per person. It is vital to keep in touch with the managing agency in your area. This would allow you to know about the most recent and accurate guidelines.


Automatic eligibility is present for those families who are already a part of other programs. Amongst these programs there is:

  • Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program – SNAP
  • Supplemental Security Income – SSI
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – TANF
  • Certain Needs-tested Veterans Benefits

The eligibility of families going through immediate danger can also apply for crisis grants in this program. Qualified families receive a one-time payment that is sent to their fuel provider. The type of fuel does not majorly matter here. LIHEAP makes sure that the utility is properly provided to the highest number of families. These grants amount to $200 to $1,000 depending upon certain factors. Amongst these factors there are:

  • Household size
  • Income
  • Fuel Type

How To Apply

Families can apply to be a part of LIHEAP in three different ways.

  • Its application can be found on the COMPASS website. This online tool has been set up for the residents of Pennsylvania to apply without a problem. Applications for health and human service programs can be found along with benefits information.
  • The residents can also consider a written application by downloading it from the site. They have to simply print it, fill it and return it to the appropriate country office. The applications are present in both English and Spanish to cater to a larger audience.
  • Along with these aspects that make accessibility easier, there is also a local county assistance offices. They are present in the counties to help people with such an application. They provide the required guidance.

Once your application has been reviewed, there is a 30 day waiting period. On acceptance, you will receive a notice of eligibility and the approximate amount you will be provided.

In cases of crisis grants, the LIHEAP has a crisis program. It has outlined various emergencies where it will cater to the victims. Amongst these, there are:

  • Broken equipment or lines that requires fixing.
  • Scarcity of fuel
  • The shutting off of the main heating source
  • Fuel supply for less than 15 days
  • The danger of utility service termination. The family will be aware of this termination 60 days before when the notice has been sent.

For Further Information

Pennsylvania LIHEAP page can be visited in case of any queries or confusions. There is also a document present that may help. It contains general information about the program. There is a LIHEAP hotline available for the families; this is especially for those in crisis situations. This crisis situations assistance is available 24 hours a day.



They have even made sure to provide the necessary services for people with hearing impairments or as such disabilities. For assistance, certain agencies can also be contacted as well that provide more details:

  • LIHEAP State or Territory agency
  • LIHEAP Indian Tribe or Tribal Organization agency



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