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Iowa – IA Health Link

What You Need To Know

IA Health Link helps people in paying for medical and healthcare costs. The Iowa Medicaid program is managed with the help of the Iowa Department of Human Services. The program is funded by the Federal and state government to support eligible residents of Iowa. Medicaid program is known to provide a variety of medical and healthcare services that are covered in cases of necessity. The members of the Medicaid program are provided through Managed Care Organizations (MCO). Those who are enrolled with MCO they can avail available services. However, sometimes the member is required to pay a small co-payment due to certain exceptions.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has administered the Iowa Medicaid Program. The new Medicaid program in Iowa, known as the IA Health link brings with it, new plans and new services. With the help of Amerigroup MCO, the members of this program can enjoy benefits that include:

  • Management of all health care needs through the primary care provider (PCP).
  • Vision care for adults and children
  • Behavioral health services
  • Disease management
  • Physician services
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions

Along with these, the MCO also provides extra help such as free dental suppliers, video chats, and free health programs.

Are You Eligible?

There are specific requirements necessary for the member to have if they wish to qualify for this program. Amongst these requirements is:

  • Resident of Iowa
  • S. National
  • Citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • In need of healthcare assistance
  • Low or very low income in terms of financial situation
Household Size Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $16612
2 $22491
3 $28369
4 $34248
5 $40127
6 $46005
7 $51884
8 $57762

The annual household income must also be either less than or equal to the following amounts if one wishes to qualify.

In case the household has more than eight residents, an extra amount of $5878 per person would be added. To keep up-to-date with the most recent guidelines, it is vital to stay in contact with the managing agency.

How to Apply

The application for IA Health Link can be found through the online DHS benefits portal. You can even discuss the case of another person through the forms available to you.

Once you become a member of an MCO such as Amerigroup through this, you’re given a handbook that outlines the:

  • Benefits you enjoy
  • Special programs you can avail
  • Rights and responsibilities you have
  • How to choose a PCP
  • How to get help in case the office is closed
  • Renewal of coverage
  • Consumer choice options
  • Contact Information in case of questions

The Consumer Choices Options is a program for aging or disabled members of Medicaid. In order to cater to your unique needs, it lets you choose service providers. This can prove to be very helpful for certain members. One can choose to exercise such freedom if their Medicaid funding is done through an HCBS waiver (Home- and Community-based Services). It is also vital to get a reference from your case manager.

Amerigroup also provides Consumer Choice Option members with My Support tools. It is an online tool that helps to find personal attendants. This can prove helpful in connecting a patient with workers who have similar values. Thus, making the experience a positive one for them.


For Further Information

To apply for IA Health Link, you can simply find the appropriate application online. The portal makes it easy for people to apply from home. You can also find them in your local phone book in the State or County Government section. To make it even simpler, the contact numbers are:



In case of queries or confusions, the country DHS office will cater to your needs. They will even be able to provide you with the application form you require to become a member of Medicaid.  You can easily find the nearest office to you through the help of their online portal.


If there is a requirement for further information, you can even go through the resources provided on the DHS website. It outlines the member materials and includes different resources that can help in your decision. This includes Frequently Asked Questions, MCO Plan Summary and even a flow chart for MCO Enrollment Processes.

Along with member materials, you will also find the appropriate MCO Resources. These would prove helpful in the selection of the appropriate MCO which mainly includes Amerigroup Iowa, Inc. and Iowa Total Care. The latter is a new service but it is possible to find a provider in both MCO’s networks.

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